JERRY BREEDEN began playing professionally in 1965 with his first band, The XL's. They played school dances and local talent shows. In 1967 the band was renamed The Shayds of Tyme and began to play festivals and Battle of the Bands. They won not only in Washington State, but also in British Columbia. One of their highlights was playing The Teen Fair in 1967 at The Spokane Coliseum. In 1971 Jerry toured Asia with the USO and upon returning his new band, Tears of Joy, was born. This top 40 group toured the northwest playing schools, colleges, lounges and hotel showrooms. 

Jerry performs currently as a solo artist with his guitar playing soft rock Hits of the 40's, 50's, 60's along with other "Feel Good Tunes". He has been popular with his "Name That Song Contest" allowing audience members to "Battle It Out". Jerry is the real deal.......He was playing the Hits as they climbed the charts. He is not only enjoyed by the Baby Boomers but also this generation that loves Classic Rock!!!

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